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Now many owners, have their own independent of the garage, a nice garage door installation, is also necessary. First of all, the main difference is that the shandong industrial door is tall, equipment update, overhaul the door there is enough room for access requirements, bigger door staff, small pass more than enough. If fine, to be down to do it in and out of a door sill canopy has grown two millimeters and doors. Doors, frame, steel plate, sliding parts material increase a lot. Especially it piece and less chance to produce more, factory batch production may be few, much more production cost. FeiCai, work, time consuming is the characteristic of industrial doors. Now, the car garage door to elaborating, decoration, mechanization and automation, HaoHuaHua step, in addition, some of the shandong industrial door also have special requirements, such as sound insulation, heat preservation, radiation protection, etc., all of this is the high price factor.


Now when we see the book door factory around us constantly increasing, we can't help but think of the book door inside the factory there are a variety of categories, so in these categories also existed considerable difference, we can clearly see the shandong ascension of the difference between the door and industrial door,


In view of the present within the ascension door factory in shandong and the application on the market, the difference of garage doors and industrial door is becoming more and more big, the classification is becoming more and more obvious, therefore more and more worth to think about these and related business.


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